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Sunday, February 15 2009
You and I both know you're not a sp*ammer but how do you make sure the recipients of your email marketing agree with us? Here are some simple tips that will help ensure that your emails are seen as legitimate.
  1. Make sure you ask people to take action to get on your list e.g. they have to submit their name in a form or, if you're at a business meeting, ask them to write "sign me up for your newsletter" on the back of their business card and hand it to you. Just a verbal "sign me up" is not enough. That can slip from the tongue easily and is just as quickly forgotten. People are less likely to forget when they've taken physical action.
  2. Don't buy lists. You have no idea where the names came from and that can get you in trouble. Those people may have signed up for something, but not for YOUR list. Collect your own names. Don't be overly concerned about the size of your list. It's better to have a small number of targeted, responsive subscribers than a large group of people who could care less about you.
  3. Use an autoresponder to thank your subscribers as soon as they sign up, and let them know what to expect from you.
  4. Keep in touch with your list regularly. If a long time goes by without an email, people will forget who you are and why they signed up and may consider your email spam without even opening it.
  5. Don't make outrageous claims in your subject line. Initially it may get attention but in the end it doesn't look credible and may trigger an alarm button in the minds of some of your reader.
  6. If someone complains directly to you, send a brief apology and remove them from your list.

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