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Saturday, January 22 2011
As I write this, Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us. For non-American subscribers, this is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL). It's a huge event for sports fans. It comes with an onslaught of ads, trumping each other in creativity, shock value, special effects and entertainment.

That's followed by the buzz about which one you liked best. Maybe loads of media coverage about the advertising extravaganza. Yet one piece is missing and that is: Did the ads work? Did they increase sales? Did they translate into dollars in the bank?

Advertising Age is a well-respected magazine that delivers news, analysis and data on marketing and media. Here's what they say about Super Bowl ads.

"If viewers like what you depict in your ad, but fail to connect with your brand name or your message about the brand, then much of your activity has been wasted...while 'liking' has clearly proven to be a strong indicator of creative performance, we have seen that 'transitory' liking doesn't always translate to sales effectiveness."

All that "marketing speak" boils down to one thing: just because someone likes an ad at a quck glance, doesn't mean it will make money for you. Now, Advertising Age is talking about Super Bowl ads, but I believe the same principle applies to ANY promtion, including websites, blogs, display ads, postcards, sales letters and more.

I see it happening again and again. Writers, designers, web developers do something because the client likes it. Sure, if you're paying large sums of money - and these services don't come cheap - you want something you like.

But what's more important? Something you like? Or something that gets results for your business? It's a good thing that the decision is not always so black and white. BUT, if you HAD to choose - and that's often the case - what would you choose?

Fortunately, most clients are savvy enough to recognize the difference. But first they have to know there IS a difference. It's our job as professionals to make sure they do. Then, if the client still prefers 'like' over 'it works" that's their conscious decision.

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