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Tuesday, August 16 2011
 What do you do in an economic downturn? Moan and groan about how the economy is destroying your business? Believe everything you see on TV or read online?

I know how easy it is to buy into the doom and gloom on TV. (My solution to that was to get rid of my TV!) And I limit how much news I read online.

Wallowing in the depression keeps you stuck in what's happening now. Not that it doesn't deserve attention: we all have to make tough decisions about where to spend our marketing dollars.

But what happens when the downturn is over and the upturn begins? Now is the time to position yourself to meet that time head on. Those who position themselves now will survive when the economy recovers. Both IBM and Microsoft were started during economic downturns. We're not all aiming to be the next IBM or Microsoft but there's a lesson to be learned from them.

Keep the vision of what you want and work towards it, so that your direction is clear when things turn around.

In a sluggish economy, it's the businesses who keep marketing, spreading the word, and planning for better times, who survive with the best results.

What can you do today to make sure you are investing not just in current survival but in the future of your business?

I'm investigating this question right now. I'll keep you informed of developments!


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