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Sunday, June 02 2013

New program teaches you how to speak and write about your business in such a way that your best prospects know whey they need what you've got and why they need to get it from YOU and noone else.

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Sunday, June 02 2013

I felt it coming - that small tremble that makes you wonder if you're imagining something. Then it gets stronger and within a few seconds the whole house is shaking and rattling. Another earthquake in Southern California

That's what happened a few hours ago as I started to write this newsletter.

Fortunately it appears there was no damage or injuries.

This morning I was feeling rather despondent. In that space many business owners get into, where you begin to doubt yourself. I was trying to decide what to do to get my energy moving in a different direction and then - earthquake!

After the shaking stopped, I was in a completely different frame of mind as if it had shaken away all the cluttering thoughts that were running through my head. And I could get down to doing what I needed to do.

Sometimes we need a jolt. Something that shakes us out of our current state and refocuses our energy. Something that makes us look at things differently.

What does it take to jolt you into a different frame of mind and - gently or not - open you to new, different (and maybe better) ways of doing things?

In marketing it's easy to drift along doing the same things in the same way. But if you take time to reflect on what's working, what's not working and what could work better, you may find areas where you need to shake things up.

One of these areas is communication. Good communication is at the heart of your marketing because if you can't let your best prospects know why you're a good choice for them, you're leaving money on the table.

How do you communicate? Do you speak and write so that your clients understand the value they'll get from working with you? Or do you use the same tired old words and images and then wonder why you're not geting the response you want?

Examine your words. Ask other people, preferably those who would be ideal clients for you: "Do my words get you excited about what I could do for you? Or are they just more blah-blah noise that fades into the background? Do you feel that my words connect with you on a deep level and engage you? Or am I only talking about WHAT I do?"

Listen to their answers. What could you say differently to get them to sit up and take notice of you and your services?

If you have doubts about whether your words are landing in the right place with the right people, check out my new program.

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