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Wednesday, October 16 2019

How do you stand out from others? What is it about you that people are drawn to when they're considering using your services?

It’s not that you post tons of messages on social media. It’s not how often you send out your newsletter. And it’s not having the most impressive website.

Of course, you have to provide value and be able to do what you say you do. That's a given.

But underneath it all, It’s about you, your personality, and how you present yourself. Even if you’re offering the same services as someone else, it’s you that people are drawn to. People relate to people.

In my experience, when you allow your quirks to be seen, people appreciate the transparency. That includes parts of you that you might not like so much.

Some may criticize you for revealing yourself. Consider whether you want those people in your life or business. Maybe it's best to walk away and find the ones who do appreciate you with all your idiosyncrasies.

Think about how you can inject more of your personality into your promotions so you become a real person to your readers, not just another one who's lost in a sea of similarity.

If you have a different take on this, I’d love to hear from you.

And if you don't know what makes you stand out, let's talk. You can hit "reply" or go here to get in touch with me.

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