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Monday, July 20 2020

t’s easy to sit around and feel sorry for yourself because things aren’t going exactly as you’d hoped. I’ve certainly done a lot of that in my time.

Or, I’ve done things out of a strong reaction to something or someone. That doesn’t feel good to me either because it seems as if I’m being driven by something outside of me and things are out of my control.

But when I’m willing to take responsibility for myself, figure out what I can do and then do it, I feel better about myself and that helps life flows much more smoothly. Now it’s an inner impetus that’s helping move me forward.

I believe the universe matches the energy that I’m putting out. So if I’m putting out “poor me” energy, chances are I’ll get more of those circumstances, at least temporarily.

But if I’m putting out the energy of “I can do this and I’m willing to do this”, I can expect the kind of support that will help me.

At least that’s my belief system.

Are you driven from the outside or from the inside? 

What beliefs, attitudes or places of inaction might be standing in YOUR way?

Contact me if you'd like to have a chat about this.

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