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Tuesday, April 29 2014

A powerful marketing message is essential for your marketing success - but it's not enough to know what to say. There's an order to present your ideas in that give them persuasive power. My favorite formula is:

Attention- problem - solution - proof - call to action.

Let's take that one word at a time.


The first step is to get the attention of your prospect.

The headline on your website, or the title of your article or speech, or the first sentence you say at a networking meeting, is the line you use to get attention. It has to stand out and capture your ideal client's attention long enough for them to decide that it's worth finding out more.

That's its main job.

It is not meant to make a sale or tell your whole story.


This is where you create rapport with your prospect. You enter her world by verbalizing her problem, pain or predicament.

It's OK to focus the prospect on her pain or problem as long as you balance it with a solution that will make things better - that comes in the next section.

When she believes that you understand and empathize with her situation, you create a connection that helps her feel comfortable, even relieved, that someone understands and puts into words what's going on with her.

Until she knows you understand, she will not be open to hearing your solution.


Now you can move into introducing your solution and the benefits of using your product or service. Let her know why you are a good choice and identify for her the benefits of purchasing your solution.

Pull her into the vision of what's possible. Tap into her feelings about what it will be like once she has a solution. Paint a picture of how her life or business will be different once she has solved her problem. Give her a sense of how she will feel. Fill it with emotional benefits that make a strong promise to her.

Let her know what distinguishes you and/or your solution from all others. Present your value as a unique solution to her problem.

Focus on results and outcomes. After all that's what she's looking for.


Do you have proof of the claims you are making?

Methods of proof include testimonials, back-up research, statistics, independent studies, letters of recommendation, magazine or newspaper articles which support what you are saying - all to prove your points.

Mention them. Link to them. They create trust and credibility.


Tell her what to do next

Many people give up at this point and stop reading or listening because they don't know what to do next unless you tell them clearly. What's the next step you want her to take that will move you forward in building a relationship with her? That's what you need to decide so that you can craft a call to action that works for your reader and your business.

Make it really easy for her. If you want her to call you, put the telephone number in your call to action "Call me at (805) 965 9173", even if the number is available in other places.

Use this sequence and you'll be well on your way to getting more clients.

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