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Wednesday, April 15 2015

How do you plan a vacation trip?

Probably the first - and most exciting part - is deciding where to go. A small town on the coast? Yosemite National Park? Or are you really adventurous and want to head for Australia?

That's a huge decision. But once that decision is made, the fun starts! Planning.

That's the real foundation to making the trip successful. Thinking it through. Imagining it. When to go. How to go. What to take with you. Getting information about your destination. Finding a hotel. Booking a flight. A rental car. Finding the best deals. What to do when you get there.

Lots of basic elements to think about before you even get on a flight or in a car so that your vacation can roll out effortlessly, without panic, distractions or wasted time once you get there.

It's the same with your marketing

Unfortunately many people jump into DOING without THINKING first.

Doing social media.

Doing a website.

Doing networking.

Doing public speaking.

It's easy to get caught up in doing, doing, doing - whatever it is you do to get your name in front of people. Because that's what everyone else seems to be up to.

But what's really happening is seduction by tools and technology. Thinking that tools and technology will bring the success you really long for.

However - without a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of marketing, the tools and technology can't do their best work for you. The result? You waste a lot of time, energy and money spinning your wheels.

It's like going on vacation without making basic plans first.

When you set out on the journey called 'marketing' you have a destination in mind. Hopefully that destination is to have a thriving business.

What do you need to know in order to make sure your marketing takes you where you want to go? How can you make sure your journey unfolds with as few bumps and detours as possible?

There's a map.

There's a way to do things.

There's a right order to do things in so that they work for you.

The starting point on your marketing journey is to uncover all the elements that create a solid foundation to build on, so that whatever comes after has the best chance of working for you.

What are some of these elements? Here are some ideas to start you thinking:

Your ideal clients.
What makes you stand out.
What people are really buying from you (It's not always what you think you're selling!)
How your personality plays into your business and affects your image.

How do all these elements combine to create your marketing foundation?

I'll be dedicating a full article to each of these elements over the next few months. Don't miss them!

Copyright 2015 Maggie Dennison

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