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Saturday, August 13 2016

I have no patience with hype and misleading statements.

"Double your income in 90 days - GUARANTEED!"
This is from someone I know personally. He knows his stuff but is it lack of confidence in his abilities that make him want to make outrageous claims, or is he one of those people with dollar signs in his eyes and it's only about the money?

"Join this program and your business will explode!"
Who wants an exploding business anyway! I'd rather have a successful one!

"The fastest way to get clients, build your list and create an impact."
A friend of mine joined the program that made this claim. Now he's no slouch when it comes to marketing. He's run several very successful businesses that have brought in millions. But after a year in this program, he had spent close to $50,000 {yes, you read that correctly: fifty thousand dollars] and not got even ONE client.

These are real claims that have dropped into my inbox.

These kinds of claims are rampant in marketing these days. And people fall for them because they sound so persuasive.

My friend Pam fell for one of these. With no business background at all (employed all her working life so far), she was persuaded to sign up for one of these programs because she thought she had a great idea for a business.

After the program she had no idea what to do with the information - because she had no idea what business is about and she lacked the background to make it work. Thousands of dollars wasted.

Or an email that came into my inbox recently with the subject line: "I've been hacked." Of course I opened it. Maybe his being hacked would affect me in some way and I wanted to check that out. But when I opened the email, it was all about how he had presented at a conference that had the word "hack" in the title. It was about entrepreneurship, not hackers.

I immediately deleted the email and unsubscribed from his list.

I don't want to be manipulated in that way

It makes me angry.

So-called 'gurus' persuading me that there's quick fix that'll ease all my business worries in a jiffy - or maybe in a month or so, or even six months. Oh, I so wish that were all true; life would be so much easier.

What these people are often not saying is:

  • How long it took them to reach the level of success they're at now.
  • What mistakes they made along the way.
  • What else you need to have in place in the background in order to make their system work.
  • How much persistence and consistency it takes, doing the same things over and over again, until your business is successful.
  • Not everyone has the personality and drive to make a go of a business venture.

They present their 'solution' as totally divorced from any preparation as if you can just jump in, start from zero, do what they recommend and make a killing immediately because clients will beat your door down.

And most of all, what they don't tell you is that, like building a house, you have to construct a solid foundation first. Without a solid basis you won't be able to build a sustainable business.

THAT's one of the keys to success.

I'll dig into these issues much more deeply the week after next, in a free teleclass training I'm offering called "3 No-Hype Ways to Attract Clients Who Are Right for YOU."

Put the date in your calendar: Tuesday, August 16 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.

Go here for more information and to register

Even if you can't make that time, register anyway and you'll get access to the recording afterwards.

Copyright 2016 Maggie Dennison

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