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Tuesday, September 26 2017

Guest Blogger Alissa Taglione of Vivant Coaching

My journey is one of trauma, hardship and positive growth.

It's an honor to be here at all.

In 2011 I was in a severe car accident that shattered my pelvis. I was in an Acura TL and I was t-boned by an F-250. I went in and out of consciousness. I spent 4 weeks in the hospital and continued my recovery in a rehabilitation facility where I essentially had to relearn how to walk.

1 year later, I was pregnant. Still recovering, and trying to figure out what was next.

I had been diagnosed with PTSD. I was in counseling. I knew what this meant in some capacity. But I wanted to know what it meant. Who am I now?

I needed to go back to work to support our first born and provide a life for him. It was and has always been important for me to work. To have a career, to be of service to others.

I joined Americorps and served hungry children all over the state of Ohio. It was rewarding and fed my desire to be of service and provide for the ones I love.

But it wasn't the answer.

I continued to work there. It became clear that a non-profit career was not conducive to the life I wanted to provide my family. I took a job in sales. It was not a good fit.

I took time off to be with my now family of 5. I became a stay at home Mom. All of those feelings of confusion of who I am and why I was here came rushing back.

I had been seeing a life coach for a while after my accident. What she provided for me was a frame work to look forward. To create goals and help those who are seeking clarity and direction forward.

I was still in therapy, and not interested in the least in digging up old and monotonous painful memories. I wanted to work towards my future in order to honor the trauma my body had faced. I wanted to honor my gift to the world.

I decided to become a life coach.

I am able to be with my family and provide value to others. I am now able to affect the world in a positive way. I get to serve others, pay my bills and still be in charge of my time and efforts. The freedom is incomparable.

The hardest part of it, to be seen.

To put yourself out there after failure, trauma, and hardship and say "this is my story of brokenness" and be an example of what's possible even in the aftermath.

It's scary and frightening. But I did it.

This is what is considered Post-Traumatic Growth.

It is essentially the heroes story. It's not focused on in our society as much as it once was.

We often focus on the negative effects of PTSD but there is just as much a positive side to it as well.

We can all grow out of the ashes like a phoenix and rise again.

Healing isn't a linear experience. Things will come out of your blind spots and hit you like a ton of bricks. You have to keep going. You have to keep striving. Heal, acknowledge and let your hardships bring forth the best you have. We are made in experiences of hardship.

Alissa Taglione's blog can be found at and FB page


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