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Wednesday, November 08 2017

When someone's behavior upsets you and you point a finger at them, three fingers are pointing back at you. Try it and see!

Sometimes it helps to try to understand why they said or did what they said or did. However a lot of that information will be based on assumptions, which may be right or wrong.For me, once I get past that surface level, it's helpful to take a look at my own reaction.

What upset me so much about the other person's behavior? With that information, I can go a level deeper and ask myself:

- Do I behave that way too?

- Would I like to be that way but I'm not?

Try it and see what insights you get into your own behavior. Your business and personal relationships will improve dramatically when you use those moments of irritation to reflect on yourself and how you might be showing up to others.

In running a business, we're told to build relationships. The more you can recognize your own behavior and what triggers you, the less reactive you become, and the more able to build supportive relationships founded on respect, no matter what's coming at you from the outside.

As part of my coaching business, I offer a detailed process to help my clients work through these kinds of situations. If you struggle with being reactive and you'd like to resolve the issue on a deep level so you can move past it, email me at and let's talk.

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