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Wednesday, April 18 2018

How much of your time do you spend doing your genius work?

Many small business owners and sole proprietors go into business believing they'll be spending 80-90% of their time doing what they love to do, and what they went into business for, and the rest of the time (10-20%) breezing through communication, sales, marketing and paperwork.

The hard truth is that those figures are totally skewed.

As a service professional starting a business, the chances are you'll be spending up to 80% of your time with communication, sales, marketing and admin and only a small portion actually following your passion.

The good news is that it's not for ever. It takes time to get a business up and running. Once you have some momentum and clients, how you spend your time will shift and you'll be able to put more of your time and energy into actually working with clients.

However, the communication, sales, marketing and admin never go away. They're an integral part of running a business. They'll always be there, whether you like them or not. Make friends with them.

The more you learn about those topics quickly, the better you'll do it and the more your results will improve. It's worth taking the time to learn while you don't have a full client load, so you can be more effective, get more clients quickly and have more time for the fun work!

Then once business is flowing, you can outsource some of those tasks to others. And breathe out.

What do YOU need to accelerate that process?

Contact me by email at or at 805 965 9173 and let's talk.

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