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Monday, April 20 2020

I was at the health food store recently looking at some freshly baked cookies. I wanted one. Badly. No way was I going to leave the store without one of these beauties. But then I stopped and asked myself: “Do I want this?” or “Do I need it?” And of course I didn’t NEED it. I WANTED it - with all my taste buds.

Wants are optional. Needs are not. A want makes life more enjoyable such as a trip to Disneyland, the latest SUV or a meal at a nice restaurant.

A need is very important or even critical to survive and thrive, like food or a place to live or gas for the car or equipment for a business. Needs also include emotional needs such as security, relief or joy. 

Talking about both needs and wants is essential in your marketing.

When you define what WANT is most likely to trigger a response in your ideal clients, it’s easier to come up with a message that taps into that place where they make the decision to start a conversation with you.

Once again, it comes back to knowing your ideal clients intimately.

Drop me an email if you'd like to talk more about this.

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