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Sunday, November 01 2009
 You're ready to sit down and write that content for your brochure or website. What frame of mind are you in?

It may seem like a trite question but it's really crucial to your success. If you're in a bad frame of mind, your writing will not flow the way you need it to. Not only that, but whatever you're feeling is likely to come through in your words.

It's impossible to create if you are uptight, tense, worried, angry, nervous or if you are experiencing any other negative emotion. It's not that they're bad or wrong; they just don't help when you need to turn out creative work.

Here are some things that help me when I'm in a funk and I'm up against a looming deadline.

Physical exercise
Go to the gym, take an energetic walk, ride your bike, dance. Do anything that will work that energy out of your body, get the endorphins flowing, and shift you into a more vibrant space.

If you have a regular meditation practice, do it. Otherwise just sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Follow your breath as it flows in and out. Don't try to change or control it. Just observe it. If your mind wanders off, bring it gently back to the breath. It's astonishing how quickly this will take your focus away from the negative emotions.

Run a film in your mind in which you are the central character. See yourself in a comfortable setting completing the writing you want to do and bask in the sense of accomplishment when you've done it.

Do yoga, autogenic training or any other relaxation technique. One old standard is to lie down, focus on one part of your body at a time, imagine it relaxing and sinking heavily into the floor. Start at the feet and work your way up your body to the top of your head.

Call a friend
Or call someone else from your support network. Often a conversation with someone who listens well will give you a different perspective that will help lift your spirits into a more receptive place.

Think of a time when you felt really energized and dynamic. Imagine yourself reliving that moment. Reconnect with the energy you felt at that time.

The trick is to begin writing immediately you feel a shift so that you ride the wave of positive energy and it flows into your words.


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