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Thursday, September 22 2005
Are you in a business that slows down around the holidays? Are there other times of the year when business is traditionally slow for you? I know very well how easy it is at times like this to moan and groan and worry about not making enough money. Or to obsess about what's not working and think there must be something wrong if business is not flowing with the same regularity all year round.

The truth is, it's a fact of business life.

Have you heard the saying "Most of success is showing up?" You can still show up for your business even when clients are not beating your door down. In fact, these times are a great opportunity to catch up on all those activities that get pushed to the sidelines when business is booming. I've put together a short (by no means exhaustive) list with ideas of things to do when you have time on your hands.


    • Revisit your marketing strategy and business goals and update your plans.
    • Write articles that you can publish to get more exposure for your business, or dig out those old articles that are hiding on your hard drive and submit them to internet sites.
    • Write a series of articles for your newsletter or blog so that you have a six months' supply ready to go. It will save you time down the road when your business is booming again.
    • Develop a new workshop or informational product.
    • Ramp up your networking with your strategic partners. Take this time to get to know them better and find out how you can help each other's businesses grow.
    • Review your website, brochures, fliers, sales letters and update/rewrite them.
    • Start a blog.
    • Pursue joint ventures with people who are not in competition with you but who know your perfect clients.
    • Finally start working on that book you?ve been dreaming of.
    • Create a new speech to promote your business.
      Clean up your computer files.
      Set up systems to streamline your business so you can save time and money.

      Of course you could also plan your vacation for those times when business slows down. That way you'll come back refreshed, with new perspectives, and ready to hit the ground running!

      I guarantee if you use your slow times to pursue some of these activities, it will pay back in spades. Not only will you have more to offer your new clients when they begin streaming through your door, but you will have used your time wisely to focus on positive ways to move your business forward.

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