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Mindset and Marketing Coaching Circle 

for Women Business Owners 

Maggie Dennison

Running a Business While Staying Balanced 
and Hope-filled, AND Honoring YOU, Can Be Challenging, Frustrating and Lonely but...with
Support from a Committed Coaching Circle
it’s All Possible!


INTRODUCING...New "Mindset and Marketing"
Coaching Circle

I’m now accepting applications for a coaching circle beginning the second week of August, 2020.


Your personal and business lives are intimately intertwined. It takes attention to both areas to keep moving towards your goals - BUT most coaching groups focus on one or the other.



This circle allows space for both
: you can talk about your blind spots, your spirituality and other personal development issues that may be stopping you in your tracks, as well as the nuts and bolts of marketing.


This all-round focus moves you towards
your personal and professional goals with 
as much
ease, grace and flow as possible


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Why should you consider joining this group?

Generate new ideas you might otherwise never have thought of.

* Evaluate those ideas. The best, most brilliant ideas may not be right for you.
   Do they make sense for YOUR business?


* Hear insights and experience from people like yourself who may be facing
   similiar issues so you don't feel you're climbing the mountain alone!

* Discover new ways of thinking that get you past mindset issues and other

   obstacles that are keeping you stuck. Uncover the REAL you and bring your

   whole self into your business. 

* Weekly accountability reports to keep you on track with your actions.

* Keep a consistent focus on moving towards your goals.

* Be motivated and encouraged by a group of positive cheerleaders. 

* Build relationships with people you may not otherwise have met, maybe even
   become friends or do business together!

           * Be in the “hot seat” on every call. That's where YOU are the center. That’s where
you get focused attention from me as well as other group members, so we can
whatever’s on your heart and mind.

           * Get access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other
              members of the circle, get to know each other and ask for support, help and
outside our calls. I will also be active in that group.

What clients are saying....

"I was tired working with clients I didn't want to work with..."

Maggie helped me focus on the clients I really wanted and that has made all the difference. Now I have so much more passion about my work.

Maggie didn't just tell me what to do, she listened to me and then told me what I already knew at some level. She taught me how to help myself by patiently learning who I really was and then teaching me how to create the reality that would best serve that person.

Richard "Rick" Dolwig, Mediator and Arbitrator

"Maggie brought my dreams into reality"

I had never developed habits for success. The tiniest tasks seemed unsurmountable. Whenever I got stuck, Maggie would walk me through my reasons until I discovered that it was plain old fear standing in my way. With this support, I feel a real maturing process as I become more accountable and competent in attaining my goals.
Carrie Christensen

"Straightforward answers"

Have you ever had a call and when you're finished you get off in shock? I just had one of those. In shock because the connection was real, my questions were answered in a straightfoward way and the advice was sound.
Bob Heron

And now...the details

  • We meet three times a month on Zoom for 90 minutes each. 
  • The circle runs for 3 months.
  • The circle is limited to a maximum of 5 members so everyone gets lots of personal attention.
  • The fee is $297 for 3 sessions per month, payable on the first of every month. 

Your commitment

+ Attend every meeting except in case of serious emergency

+ Show up on time

+ Be open and honest about your goals and challenges

+ Participate fully

+ Come willing and prepared to support other members

+ Keep confidentiality

+ Be honest and respectful when giving and receiving feedback

+ Have fun!

Are you ready to shine even more brightly?


ake your next step towards higher levels
of success 
and greater satisfaction 
in your life and business!

Please click Here to Apply Now

Any questions? Please email me at
Or call 805 965 9173.


Read privacy policies here.

Maggie Dennison, M.A

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